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What is boudoir?

Pronounced "Boo-Dwar". The actual dictionary definition of boudoir is: "a woman's bedroom or private room."

But boudoir photography can be whatever you want it to be. Want steamy photos with your lover? That's boudoir.

Want to be fully covered with a little sweater-off-the-shoulder action? That's also boudoir. There is no right or wrong way to take boudoir photos. Only to do what makes you feel the most confident.

Why "Sunday Best"?

"Sunday Best: a person's best clothes, worn to church or on special occasions."

To me, boudoir photography is a form of intimate portraiture that makes you feel your best. I believe it can look any way you want it to look, and can defy any and all stigmas surrounding it. You're at your best when you're confident.

What do I wear?

See above. Boudoir is whatever you want - so wear whatever you want. I've had clients who love wearing nothing, and I've had clients who feel most beautiful fully covered. There's so many options out there, from lingerie to see-through sweaters. Looking for inspo? Go ahead and ask me, I have a guide that's sure to give you some ideas.

Do I have to share the photos?

Absolutely not! You have full consensual power from the beginning of your session, until forever. You don't have to share anything you don't want to. Maybe a year down the line you decide you don't want your photo up on this site - let me know and it's gone. You actually sign an image release that allows you to decide how the images are (or aren't) shared.

"I'm awkward and don't know how to pose".

I get this A LOT. And you'd be surprised how many people say this... but actually aren't awkward at all. Have no fear, it is literally my job to show you how not-awkward you actually are. And don't worry - I pose you all the way from your head to your toes. *P.S. I even give you pose options, for those who like more modest poses, or those who like spicier poses. And bonus: you can take note of your fav poses for all future selfies ;) 

What does a typical shoot look like?

Before you even set foot in front of a camera, I like to know about you. When you book a session, I send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you a bit ahead of time. That helps me get an idea of what your comfort levels will be, and what you're expecting out of your session. At the actual session, we start slow with some easy poses in a comfortable outfit. As you get more comfortable being in front of a camera, you start to build confidence and it becomes so much easier. About a week after your shoot, you get some sneak peeks (delivered via a private online gallery). From there, it's about a 3-4 week turnaround time to get the full edited gallery back. (with your choice of a private online gallery, or flash drive.)

Do you retouch the images?

Here's the deal - I believe that those imperfections you want edited... make you YOU. So when I edit, I'm not editing to make you look "skinnier", or to take out your cellulite. I don't edit to alter your appearance. What I do edit, are things that are temporary, like acne, stray hairs, bruises, etc. If you make the active decision to have me edit out your stretch marks, scars, etc. I will do it - but only at your completely consented request.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes! I only offer mini sessions during certain times of the year. These sessions are announced on the @SundayBestBoudoir Instagram and Facebook Group. These sessions are typically 45 minutes sessions with only 1-2 outfit changes. They take place at a pre-determined location, and are sometimes themed! These are on a first-come-first-serve basis and spots fill up pretty quickly. 

Do you offer full sessions?

Yes! I offer full, regular boudoir sessions year-round. These sessions are a lot more personal, and individualized. You get to choose your own location, and get up to 2 hours of shoot time. Plus you can have up to 3-4 outfit changes! These sessions are great for someone who wants more images, or for someone who doesn't want to feel rushed by a mini session. (Which is also very helpful to someone who might be nervous about their session - more time to "warm up" to the camera.) You can book a full session here.

Can I bring my partner?

Absolutely, if that helps you feel more comfortable. You can bring your partner. You can bring your bff. You can bring your sister. You can bring your mom (weird, but okay). If you need someone there to help hype you up, so be it. I also offer couples boudoir, bff boudoir shoots, and maternity boudoir!

"I need to get in shape first".

Well, if that's how you feel... I want you to feel comfortable and confident for your session. But there is no time like the present. You don't want to spend months obsessing over small details only to continue to find excuses to not book your session. "I'm breaking out right now", "I'm single right now", "I'm not sexy" blah blah blah. I've heard allllllll the excuses. These photos are for YOU. They are for YOU to feel badass and confident in YOUR body. You have no idea how surprised you'll be when you realize that acne didn't matter, that extra pound didn't matter, and that idea of awkwardness didn't matter. Trust me when I say that I will make sure you love your photos, and that you leave your session loving yourself even more.

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